Control of convergent yolk syncytial layer nuclear movement in zebrafish Journal Article

Author(s): Carvalho, Lara; Stuehmer, Jan; Bois, Justin S; Kalaidzidis, Yannis; Lecaudey, Virginie; Heisenberg, Carl-Philipp
Article Title: Control of convergent yolk syncytial layer nuclear movement in zebrafish
Abstract: Nuclear movements play an essential role in metazoan development. Although the intracellular transport mechanisms underlying nuclear movements have been studied in detail, relatively little is known about signals from surrounding cells and tissues controlling these movements. Here, we show that, in gastrulating zebrafish embryos, convergence movements of nuclei within the yolk syncytial layer (YSL) are guided by mesoderm and endoderm progenitors migrating along the surface of the yolk towards the dorsal side of the developing gastrula. Progenitor cells direct the convergence movements of internal yolk syncytial nuclei (iYSN) by modulating cortical flow within the YSL in which the iYSN are entrained. The effect of mesoderm and endoderm progenitors on the convergence movement of iYSN depends on the expression of E-cadherin, indicating that adhesive contact between the cells and the YSL is required for the mesendoderm-modulated YSL cortical flow mediating nuclear convergence. In summary, our data reveal a crucial function for cortical flow in the coordination of syncytial nuclear movements with surrounding cells and tissues during zebrafish gastrulation.
Keywords: Gastrulation; Zebrafish; Yolk syncytial layer; Cortical flow; Nuclear movements
Journal Title: Development
Volume: 136
Issue 8
ISSN: 1477-9129
Publisher: Company of Biologists  
Date Published: 2009-04-15
Start Page: 1305
End Page: 1315
DOI: 10.1242/dev.026922
Open access: no
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