Topological persistance and simplification Conference Paper

Author(s): Edelsbrunner, Herbert; Letscher, David; Zomorodian, Afra
Title: Topological persistance and simplification
Abstract: We formalize a notion of topological simplification within the framework of a filtration, which is the history of a growing complex. We classify a topological change that happens during growth as either a feature or noise depending on its life-time or persistence within the filtration. We give fast algorithms for computing persistence and experimental evidence for their speed and utility.
Keywords: computational geometry; Filtrations; Computational topology; alpha shapes; homology groups
Conference Title: FOCS: Foundations of Computer Science
Conference Dates: November 12-14, 2000
Conference Location: Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Publisher: IEEE  
Date Published: 2000-11-01
Start Page: 454
End Page: 463
Sponsor: ARO under grant DAAG55-98-1-0177, NSF under grant CCR-97-12088.
DOI: 10.1109/SFCS.2000.892133
Open access: no
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