Embedded control systems development with Giotto Conference Paper

Author(s): Henzinger, Thomas A; Horowitz, Benjamin; Kirsch, Christoph M
Title: Embedded control systems development with Giotto
Abstract: Giotto is a principled, tool-supported design methodology for implementing embedded control systems on platforms of possibly distributed sensors, actuators, CPUs, and networks. Giotto is based on the principle that time-triggered task invocations plus time-triggered mode switches can form the abstract essence of programming real-time control systems. Giotto consists of a programming language with a formal semantics, and a retargetable compiler and runtime library. Giotto supports the automation of control system design by strictly separating platform-independent functionality and timing concerns from platform-dependent scheduling and communication issues. The time-triggered predictability of Giotto makes it particularly suitable for safety-critical applications with hard real-time constraints. We illustrate the platform-independence and time-triggered execution of Giotto by coordinating a heterogeneous flock of Intel x86 robots and Lego Mindstorms robots.
Conference Title: LCTES: Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems
Conference Dates: June 22-23, 2001
Conference Location: Snowbird, Utah, USA
ISBN: 1-58113-425-8
Publisher: ACM  
Location: New York, NY, USA
Date Published: 2001-06-01
Start Page: 64
End Page: 72
DOI: 10.1145/384197.384208
Open access: no
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