A high-speed object tracker from off-the-shelf components Conference Poster

Author(s): Lampert, Christoph; Peters, Jan
Title: A high-speed object tracker from off-the-shelf components
Abstract: We introduce RTblob, an open-source real-time vision system for 3D object detection that achieves over 200 Hz tracking speed with only off-the-shelf hardware component. It allows fast and accurate tracking of colored objects in 3D without expensive and often custom-built hardware, instead making use of the PC graphics cards for the necessary image processing operations.
Conference Title: ICCV: International Conference on Computer Vision
Conference Dates: September 27, 2009
Conference Location: Kyoto, Japan
Publisher: IEEE  
Date Presented: 2009-09-27
Copyright Statement: CC BY
Notes: IEEE Workshop URL: http://humanoidscv.ime.cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp/
Open access: no
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