Molecular classification for property prediction Patent

Patent Owner(s): Liang, Jie; Edelsbrunner, Herbert
Title: Molecular classification for property prediction
Abstract: A molecular classification method is based on a space filling description of a molecule. The three dimensional body corresponding to the space filling molecular structure is divided into Voronoi regions to provide a basis for efficiently processing local structural information. A Delaunay triangulation provides a basis for systematically processing information relating to the Voronoi regions into shape descriptors in the form of topological elements. Preferably, additional shape and/or property descriptors are included in the classification method. The classification methods generally are used to identify similarities between molecules that can be used as property predictors for a variety of applications. Generally, the property predictions are the basis for selection of compounds for incorporation into efficacy evaluations.
Filing Date: August 1997
Publisher: Elsevier  
Date Issued: 2001-01-30
DOI: US 6,182,016 B1
Open access: no
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