Efficient signatures of knowledge and DAA in the standard model Conference Paper

Author(s): Bernhard, David; Fuchsbauer, Georg; Ghadafi, Essam
Title: Efficient signatures of knowledge and DAA in the standard model
Title Series: LNCS
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA) is one of the most complex cryptographic protocols deployed in practice. It allows an embedded secure processor known as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to attest to the configuration of its host computer without violating the owner's privacy. DAA has been standardized by the Trusted Computing Group and ISO/IEC. The security of the DAA standard and all existing schemes is analyzed in the random-oracle model. We provide the first constructions of DAA in the standard model, that is, without relying on random oracles. Our constructions use new building blocks, including the first efficient signatures of knowledge in the standard model, which have many applications beyond DAA.
Keywords: Standard model; DAA; group signatures; signatures of knowledge
Conference Title: ACNS: Applied Cryptography and Network Security
Volume: 7954
Conference Dates: June 25-28, 2013
Conference Location: Banff, AB, Canada
Publisher: Springer  
Date Published: 2013-05-20
Start Page: 518
End Page: 533
Sponsor: This work was supported by ERC Advanced Grant ERC-2010-AdG-267188-CRIPTO, EPSRC via grant EP/H043454/1 and the European Commission through the ICT Programme under Contract ICT2007216676 ECRYPT II.
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-38980-1_33
Open access: yes (repository)
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