Flow state multiplicity in convection Journal Article

Author(s): Hof, Björn; Lucas, Peter G; Mullin, Tom P
Article Title: Flow state multiplicity in convection
Abstract: Pattern formation in a layer of fluid heated from below is an example of macroscopic ordering in continuous media. Here we show that in a relatively compact experimental version of the problem, a rich and diverse set of stable flows can be found. These flows, many of which are novel, can be categorized and understood in terms of their symmetry properties. This approach shows promise for providing insight into the more complicated fluid motion that occurs as the lateral dimension of the layer is increased.
Journal Title: Physics of Fluids
Volume: 11
Issue 10
ISSN: 1089-7666
Publisher: American Institute of Physics  
Date Published: 1999-10-01
Start Page: 2815
End Page: 2817
DOI: 10.1063/1.870178
Open access: no