Kvantový Zenonův jev aneb co nesejde z očí, nezestárne Review Article

Author(s): Lemeshko, Mikhail P; Friedrich, Břetislav
Title: Kvantový Zenonův jev aneb co nesejde z očí, nezestárne
Alternate Title: Quantum Zeno effect
Abstract: We present the physics of the quantum Zeno effect, whose gist is often expressed by invoking the adage "a watched pot never boils". We review aspects of the theoretical and experimental work done on the effect since its inception in 1977, and mention some applications. We dedicate the article - with our very best wishes - to Rudolf Zahradnik at the occasion of his great jubilee. Perhaps Rudolf's lasting youthfulness and freshness are due to that he himself had been frequently observed throughout his life: until the political turn-around in 1989 by those who wished, by their surveillance, to prevent Rudolf from spoiling the youth by his personal culture and his passion for science and things beautiful and useful in general. This attempt had failed. Out of gratitude, the youth has infected Rudolf with its youthfulness. Chronically. Since 1989, Rudolf has been closely watched by the public at large. For the same traits of his as before, but with the opposite goal and for the benefit of all generations. We relish keeping him in sight...
Publication Title: Chemicke Listy
Volume: 102
Issue 10
ISBN: 1213-7103
Publisher: Czech Society of Chemical Engineering  
Date Published: 2008-10-01
Start Page: 880
End Page: 883
Language: cze
Open access: no