crdbrd: Shape fabrication by sliding planar slices Journal Article

Author(s): Hildebrand, Kristian; Bickel, Bernd; Alexa, Marc
Article Title: crdbrd: Shape fabrication by sliding planar slices
Abstract: We introduce an algorithm and representation for fabricating 3D shape abstractions using mutually intersecting planar cut-outs. The planes have prefabricated slits at their intersections and are assembled by sliding them together. Often such abstractions are used as a sculptural art form or in architecture and are colloquially called ‘cardboard sculptures’. Based on an analysis of construction rules, we propose an extended binary space partitioning tree as an efficient representation of such cardboard models which allows us to quickly evaluate the feasibility of newly added planar elements. The complexity of insertion order quickly increases with the number of planar elements and manual analysis becomes intractable. We provide tools for generating cardboard sculptures with guaranteed constructibility. In combination with a simple optimization and sampling strategy for new elements, planar shape abstraction models can be designed by iteratively adding elements. As an output, we obtain a fabrication plan that can be printed or sent to a laser cutter. We demonstrate the complete process by designing and fabricating cardboard models of various well-known 3D shapes.
Journal Title: Computer Graphics Forum
Volume: 31
Issue 2pt3
ISSN: 1467-8659
Publisher: Wiley  
Date Published: 2012-05-01
Start Page: 583
End Page: 592
DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8659.2012.03037.x
Open access: no