The optogenetic promise for oncology: Episode I Review Article

Author(s): Ingles-Prieto, Álvaro; Reichhart, Eva; Schelch, Karin; Janovjak, Harald; Grusch, Michael
Title: The optogenetic promise for oncology: Episode I
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: As light-based control of fundamental signaling pathways is becoming a reality, optogenetics is rapidly moving beyond neuroscience. Recently, we have developed receptor tyrosine kinases that are activated by light and control cell proliferation, epithelial mesenchymal transition and angiogenic sprouting: cell behaviors central to cancer progression.
Keywords: Optogenetics; synthetic physiology; receptor tyrosine kinase; hallmarks of cancer; spatio-temporal control; RTK; LOV; light oxygen voltage; CRY2; photolyase homology region of cryptochrome 2
Publication Title: Molecular and Cellular Oncology
Volume: 1
Issue 4
ISBN: 2372-3556
Publisher: Taylor & Francis  
Date Published: 2014-12-31
Start Page: Article number: e964045
DOI: 10.4161/23723548.2014.964045
Open access: yes (repository)