Individual and social immunisation in insects Journal Article

Author(s): Masri, Leila; Cremer, Sylvia
Article Title: Individual and social immunisation in insects
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: Immune systems are able to protect the body against secondary infection with the same parasite. In insect colonies, this protection is not restricted to the level of the individual organism, but also occurs at the societal level. Here, we review recent evidence for and insights into the mechanisms underlying individual and social immunisation in insects. We disentangle general immune-protective effects from specific immune memory (priming), and examine immunisation in the context of the lifetime of an individual and that of a colony, and of transgenerational immunisation that benefits offspring. When appropriate, we discuss parallels with disease defence strategies in human societies. We propose that recurrent parasitic threats have shaped the evolution of both the individual immune systems and colony-level social immunity in insects.
Keywords: social immunity; host–parasite interactions; immunisation; immune priming; transgenerational immune priming; specific immune reaction
Journal Title: Trends in Immunology
Volume: 35
Issue 10
ISSN: 1471-4981
Publisher: Elsevier  
Date Published: 2014-10-01
Start Page: 471
End Page: 482
Sponsor: This work was funded by an ERC Starting Grant by the European Research Council (to S.C.) and the ISTFELLOW program (Co-fund Marie Curie Actions of the European Commission; to L.M.).
DOI: 10.1016/
Notes: We thank Christopher D. Pull, Sophie A.O. Armitage, Hinrich Schulenburg, Line V. Ugelvig, Matthias Konrad, Matthias Fürst, Miriam Stock, Barbara Casillas-Perez and three anonymous referees for comments on the manuscript.
Open access: no