Cytokinin response factors regulate PIN-FORMED auxin transporters Journal Article

Author(s): Šimášková, Mária; O'Brien, José A; Khan, Mamoona; Van Noorden, Giel E; Ötvös, Krisztina; Vieten, Anne; De Clercq, Inge; Van Haperen, Johanna M; Cuesta Moliner, Candela; Hoyerová, Klára; Vanneste, Steffen; Marhavý, Peter; Wabnik, Krzysztof; Van Breusegem, Frank; Nowack, Moritz K; Murphy, Angus S; Friml, Jiřĺ; Weijers, Dolf; Beeckman, Tom; Benková, Eva
Article Title: Cytokinin response factors regulate PIN-FORMED auxin transporters
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: Auxin and cytokinin are key endogenous regulators of plant development. Although cytokinin-mediated modulation of auxin distribution is a developmentally crucial hormonal interaction, its molecular basis is largely unknown. Here we show a direct regulatory link between cytokinin signalling and the auxin transport machinery uncovering a mechanistic framework for cytokinin-auxin cross-talk. We show that the CYTOKININ RESPONSE FACTORS (CRFs), transcription factors downstream of cytokinin perception, transcriptionally control genes encoding PIN-FORMED (PIN) auxin transporters at a specific PIN CYTOKININ RESPONSE ELEMENT (PCRE) domain. Removal of this cis-regulatory element effectively uncouples PIN transcription from the CRF-mediated cytokinin regulation and attenuates plant cytokinin sensitivity. We propose that CRFs represent a missing cross-talk component that fine-tunes auxin transport capacity downstream of cytokinin signalling to control plant development.
Keywords: Auxin; Auxin transport; Cytokinin; transcription factor; cytokinin response factor; pin cytokinin response element
Journal Title: Nature Communications
Volume: 6
ISSN: 2041-1723
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group  
Date Published: 2015-01-01
Start Page: Article number: 8717
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms9717
Notes: This work was supported by the European Research Council Starting Independent Research grant (ERC-2007-Stg-207362-HCPO to E.B., M.S., C.C.), by the Ghent University Multidisciplinary Research Partnership ‘Biotechnology for a Sustainable Economy’ no.01MRB510W, by the Research Foundation—Flanders (grant 3G033711 to J.-A.O.), by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF01_I1774S) to K.Ö.,E.B., and by the Interuniversity Attraction Poles Programme (IUAP P7/29 ‘MARS’) initiated by the Belgian Science Policy Office. I.D.C. and S.V. are post-doctoral fellows of the Research Foundation—Flanders (FWO). This research was supported by the Scientific Service Units (SSU) of IST-Austria through resources provided by the Bioimaging Facility (BIF), the Life Science Facility (LSF).
Open access: yes (repository)