Control of interaction-induced dephasing of bloch oscillations Journal Article

Author(s): Gustavsson, Mattias K; Haller, Elmar; Mark, Manfred J; Danzl, Johannes G; Rojas-Kopeinig, Gabriel; Nägerl, Hanns C
Article Title: Control of interaction-induced dephasing of bloch oscillations
Abstract: We report on the control of interaction-induced dephasing of Bloch oscillations for an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice. We quantify the dephasing in terms of the width of the quasimomentum distribution and measure its dependence on time for different interaction strengths which we control by means of a Feshbach resonance. For minimal interaction, the dephasing time is increased from a few to more than 20 thousand Bloch oscillation periods, allowing us to realize a BEC-based atom interferometer in the noninteracting limit.
Keywords: molecular interactions; Magnetic field effects; Gas condensates; Bose-Einstein condensation; Phase transitions; Atomic Physics; Bloch oscillations; Quasimomentum distribution
Journal Title: Physical Review Letters
Volume: 100
Issue 8
ISSN: 1079-7114
Publisher: American Physical Society  
Date Published: 2008-02-28
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.100.080404
Notes: We thank A. Daley for theoretical support and for help with setting up the numerical calculations and A. Buchleitner and his group for useful discussions. We are grateful to A. Liem and H. Zellmer for valuable assistance in setting up the 1064 nm fiber amplifier system. We acknowledge contributions by P. Unterwaditzer and T. Flir during the early stages of the experiment. We are indebted to R. Grimm for generous support and gratefully acknowledge funding by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).
Open access: yes (repository)