Viewpoint: Microwave quantum states beat the heat Review Article

Author(s): Fink, Johannes
Title: Viewpoint: Microwave quantum states beat the heat
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: From microwave ovens to satellite television to the GPS and data services on our mobile phones, microwave technology is everywhere today. But one technology that has so far failed to prove its worth in this wavelength regime is quantum communication that uses the states of single photons as information carriers. This is because single microwave photons, as opposed to classical microwave signals, are extremely vulnerable to noise from thermal excitations in the channels through which they travel. Two new independent studies, one by Ze-Liang Xiang at Technische Universität Wien (Vienna), Austria, and colleagues [1] and another by Benoît Vermersch at the University of Innsbruck, also in Austria, and colleagues [2] now describe a theoretical protocol for microwave quantum communication that is resilient to thermal and other types of noise. Their approach could become a powerful technique to establish fast links between superconducting data processors in a future all-microwave quantum network.
Publication Title: Physics
Volume: 10
Issue 32
ISBN: 1943-2879
Publisher: American Physical Society  
Date Published: 2017-03-27
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