Evolution of gene dosage on the Z-chromosome of schistosome parasites Journal Article

Author(s): Picard, Marion A; Cosseau, Celine; Ferré, Sabrina; Quack, Thomas; Grevelding, Christoph G; Couté, Yohann; Vicoso, Beatriz
Article Title: Evolution of gene dosage on the Z-chromosome of schistosome parasites
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: XY systems usually show chromosome-wide compensation of X-linked genes, while in many ZW systems, compensation is restricted to a minority of dosage-sensitive genes. Why such differences arose is still unclear. Here, we combine comparative genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics to obtain a complete overview of the evolution of gene dosage on the Z-chromosome of Schistosoma parasites. We compare the Z-chromosome gene content of African (Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium) and Asian (S. japonicum) schistosomes and describe lineage-specific evolutionary strata. We use these to assess gene expression evolution following sex-linkage. The resulting patterns suggest a reduction in expression of Z-linked genes in females, combined with upregulation of the Z in both sexes, in line with the first step of Ohno’s classic model of dosage compensation evolution. Quantitative proteomics suggest that post-transcriptional mechanisms do not play a major role in balancing the expression of Z-linked genes.
Keywords: Female; Adult; Male; Proteomics; nonhuman; article; controlled study; genomics; sex chromosome; upregulation; parasite; Schistosoma mansoni; sex linkage; transcriptomics
Journal Title: eLife
Volume: 7
ISSN: 2050084X (ISSN)
Publisher: eLife Sciences Publications Ltd  
Date Published: 2018-08-13
Start Page: Article number e35684
Copyright Statement: Creative Commons Attribution License,
DOI: 10.7554/eLife.35684
Notes: This project was funded by an Austrian Science Foundation FWF grant (Project P28842) to BV.
Open access: yes (OA journal)