Parity lifetime of bound states in a proximitized semiconductor nanowire Journal Article

Author(s): Higginbotham, Andrew P; Albrecht, S M; Kiršanskas, Gediminas; Chang, W; Kuemmeth, Ferdinand; Krogstrup, Peter; Jespersen, Thomas S; Nygård, Jesper; Flensberg, Karsten; Marcus, Charles M
Article Title: Parity lifetime of bound states in a proximitized semiconductor nanowire
Abstract: Quasiparticle excitations can compromise the performance of superconducting devices, causing high-frequency dissipation, decoherence in Josephson qubits, and braiding errors in proposed Majorana-based topological quantum computers. Quasiparticle dynamics have been studied in detail in metallic superconductors but remain relatively unexplored in semiconductor-superconductor structures, which are now being intensely pursued in the context of topological superconductivity. To this end, we use a system comprising a gate-confined semiconductor nanowire with an epitaxially grown superconductor layer, yielding an isolated, proximitized nanowire segment. We identify bound states in the semiconductor by means of bias spectroscopy, determine the characteristic temperatures and magnetic fields for quasiparticle excitations, and extract a parity lifetime (poisoning time) of the bound state in the semiconductor exceeding 10 ms.
Journal Title: Nature Physics
Volume: 11
Issue 12
ISSN: 1745-2473
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group  
Date Published: 2015-09-14
Start Page: 1017
End Page: 1021
DOI: 10.1038/nphys3461
Notes: Research support by Microsoft Project Q, the Danish National Research Foundation, the Lundbeck Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, and the European Commission. A.P.H. acknowledges support from the US Department of Energy, C.M.M. acknowledges support from the Villum Foundation.
Open access: yes (repository)