Replicability of introgression under linked, polygenic selection Journal Article

Author(s): Sachdeva, Himani; Barton, Nicholas H
Article Title: Replicability of introgression under linked, polygenic selection
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: We study how a block of genome with a large number of weakly selected loci introgresses under directional selection into a genetically homogeneous population. We derive exact expressions for the expected rate of growth of any fragment of the introduced block during the initial phase of introgression, and show that the growth rate of a single-locus variant is largely insensitive to its own additive effect, but depends instead on the combined effect of all loci within a characteristic linkage scale. The expected growth rate of a fragment is highly correlated with its long-term introgression probability in populations of moderate size, and can hence identify variants that are likely to introgress across replicate populations. We clarify how the introgression probability of an individual variant is determined by the interplay between hitchhiking with relatively large fragments during the early phase of introgression and selection on fine-scale variation within these, which at longer times results in differential introgression probabilities for beneficial and deleterious loci within successful fragments. By simulating individuals, we also investigate how introgression probabilities at individual loci depend on the variance of fitness effects, the net fitness of the introduced block, and the size of the recipient population, and how this shapes the net advance under selection. Our work suggests that even highly replicable substitutions may be associated with a range of selective effects, which makes it challenging to fine map the causal loci that underlie polygenic adaptation.
Journal Title: Genetics
Volume: 210
Issue 3
ISSN: 0016-6731
Publisher: Genetics Society of America  
Date Published: 2018-11-01
Start Page: epub ahead of print
DOI: 10.1534/genetics.118.301429
Open access: no
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