Single-shot readout of hole spins in Ge Journal Article

Author(s): Vukušić, Lada; Kukučka, Josip; Watzinger, Hannes; Milem, Joshua M; Schäffler, Friedrich; Katsaros, Georgios
Article Title: Single-shot readout of hole spins in Ge
Affiliation IST Austria
Abstract: The strong atomistic spin–orbit coupling of holes makes single-shot spin readout measurements difficult because it reduces the spin lifetimes. By integrating the charge sensor into a high bandwidth radio frequency reflectometry setup, we were able to demonstrate single-shot readout of a germanium quantum dot hole spin and measure the spin lifetime. Hole spin relaxation times of about 90 μs at 500 mT are reported, with a total readout visibility of about 70%. By analyzing separately the spin-to-charge conversion and charge readout fidelities, we have obtained insight into the processes limiting the visibilities of hole spins. The analyses suggest that high hole visibilities are feasible at realistic experimental conditions, underlying the potential of hole spins for the realization of viable qubit devices.
Keywords: quantum dot; Germanium; reflectometry; single-shot measurement; spin qubits
Journal Title: Nano Letters
Volume: 18
Issue 11
ISSN: 1530-6992
Publisher: American Chemical Society  
Date Published: 2018-10-25
Start Page: 7141
End Page: 7145
Copyright Statement: CC-BY
Sponsor: ERC Starting Grant no. 335497, FWF-Y 715-N30, Austrian Ministry of Science through the HRSM call 2016
DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b03217
Notes: PMCID: PMC6243395
Open access: yes (OA journal)